Monday, 23 April 2012


Rotis pretty much saved my life in India. No matter what random part of Rajasthan we were in, with menus we couldn’t fathom, we could always say “roti?” at a street vendor and end up with a cheap and delicious snack. Last Wednesday, back on more familiar territory of Frith Street in Soho, I finally got around to lunch at Mooli’s (somewhere various food blogging/curry loving friends had been nagging me to go for months).

The brainchild of two Indian guys who wanted to put their Indo-stamp on London’s food-on-the-go scene, Mooli’s is a small but cheerful space serving roti wraps/salad boxes that can be eaten on the few high tables or taken away. Various extras such as daal and soup can be added. They’ve recently started doing breakfast too (I cant tell you how much I’m looking forward to trying the Goan sausage).

We ordered the goat and pork roti, alternating bites between sips of creamy mango and ginger lassi. Both were fantastic. The former a rich curry of meltingly tender meat and cumin spiked potatoes with a serious kick, which had us reaching for the jug of free tap water (always a nice touch). The latter a sweet tangle of subtly spiced slow-cooked pork, crunchy red cabbage, flecks of coriander and pomegranate salsa.           

At around five quid and with fresh, punchy ingredients laced in every bite, Moolis is a steal. It also kept me full well into the evening (and this is someone who usually has at least four meals a day). But regardless of great value, with its bright packaging and heady flavours, Moolis brings the vibrancy of India to Soho lunchtimes. And during a particularly grey April, there aint nothing wrong with that…      

50 Frith Street

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