Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Family Matters...

You really can’t swing a cat in London at the moment without hitting a swathe of bunting, a dangling union jack or bust of ‘er right royal highness. Personal opinions about the current monarch having Diana bumped off aside, there’s no point fighting it. Our capricious capital has gone Jubilee bonkers and I, for one, am jumping on that big red bus and riding it all the way til next Wednesday.

This brings me rather neatly to The Botanist on Sloane Square and five cocktails they have produced in dedication of the Queen and her fellows (available throughout the Lizzie madness). Not wanting to leave a family member out, I had one of each…

God Save The Quince – Strong and Stoic lived up to its name, thick with fruity flavour set off nicely with a generous slug of Tanqueray gin. The Camilla – Bitter and Twisted was as brilliant as it sounds. I felt the same way about The Duchess of Cambridge – Sweet and Sparkling as I do about its name sake (good in small doses); and savoured the Prince Harry as if it were the real life prince (nothing sexier than a badly behaved bit of posh, especially a ginger one). 

Shockingly, my absolute favourite was The Duke of Cambridge (a highly season concoction of elderflower, cucumber and thyme). So let it be known kids… the more boring (and balding) the man, the more fabulous the cocktail.     

The Botanist
No.7 Sloane Square

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