Monday, 21 November 2011

An Eye For Pie

I do love a weekend in the country, particularly when there's a country pub involved. Sensing some serious eating ahead, I did the goody two shoes bit and ran the four mile perimeter of nearby Daventry Country Park first (if you ask me, exercise should only ever be used to engage appetite). Which meant, by the time we arrived at The Olde Coach House in Ashby Saint Ledgers, I was starving and in the market for something hearty. And by something hearty I mean a big fat pie...

OCH's 'proper' Steak and Ale Pie

A quick scan of the menu and my greedy eyes found what they were looking for. I was especially excited by the inclusion of the word 'proper' (nothing like a cocky adjective to instil faith in one's cooking). Some time and a nice glass of house white later, the glossy mound of potato, pastry and protein arrived. I dived into the slab of buttery shortcrust pastry, meaty gravy and thick threads of silky beef with gusto. Piled on a cloud of creamy mash and dotted with crunchy veg, this comforting plate of food was everything I adore about well made, pub grub. Just glorious.

Duo of Pork

Never able to resist anything pig-based, my boyfriend went for the Duo of Pork, a ubiquitous slab of pork belly and 'home made' faggot. Whilst he focused on the abdomen, I honed in on the sexy ball of offal. (Mmmmmm, porky dirty goodness). He found the meat a little chewy but positively raved about the celeriac rosti and roasted beetroot (an evil glutton stole his faggot and enjoyed it immensely).

Bf's dad had the Cod and Chips which looked suitably crisp and received positive grunts of approval and Bf's mum (being a knowing soul) joined me in a plate of pie.

We bravely took the proffered dessert menus but were defeated in the face of fullness. But as I've been day dreaming about the lost Vanilla Poached Pear Compote and Gingersnap Tart ever since, I'll be running an extra mile next time...

The Olde Coach House
Main Street
Ashby St.Ledgers
CV23 8UN

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