Friday, 16 September 2011

Havin' A Ball

My friend once told me about an episode of The Simpsons where Homer orders steak with meatballs as a drink. Even though I haven't seen it, I smile every time I think about it.

Meatballs are brilliant. They are like burgers, but they come in sauce which (unless done poorly) helps them to stay good and juicy. I don't know anyone who doesn't love them, nor do I want to. Which is why opening a restaurant centred around balls of meat is a cracking idea.

A cracking idea, that is, until you remember that they are actually hard to get right. And, if you don't, everyone will notice. Meatball's meatballs are not perfect but I'm not sure it matters. The menu is short and enticing, offering a choice of five meatballs (beef and ricotta, greek lamb, pork and rosemary, chicken, vegetarian courgette) with a selection of delightful sides or 'underneaths' including fluffy mash, honey and thyme roasted carrots and egg pappardelle.

We went as a group of six which turned out to be a perfect number for piling into the booths (I do love a booth) and ordering pretty much everything on the menu. The decor is great: polished wood, elegant leather, and a charming assortment of light fittings (I do love a light fitting). The atmosphere was a little timid for my Friday night taste but here we should note two things: one, I have a big mouth and like going places that drown out my noise and two, they have not been open long so a little time should take care of this.

Most of all though, it was just fun. Fun in the way that tapas with a table of people is fun. Lots of "Oooooh try this one," and "Stop hogging the pork balls!" It is the perfect place to go with a group and be guaranteed there is something on the menu for everyone. Because the menu is meatballs and everyone, particularly Homer Simpson, loves a meatball...

Meatballs at the Quality Chop House
92-94 Farringdon Road

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