Thursday, 16 June 2011

Particularly Good

There is something appealing about food being served on something other than a plate. Call it nostalgia, call it novelty value but we all know fish and chips tastes better directly from the paper. I once ate in a restaurant in Sydney where they served all manner of fried goods in baskets made from twisted newspaper. I was beside myself.

This brings us rather neatly to The London Particular, a charming café in the ever-eclectic New Cross which just happens to be my home. I have been meaning to go since it opened almost a year ago and, last weekend, I finally got around to popping in. The tiny space is bright and airy, much like the staff (who happily let us sample the cakes before we settled on a slice of spectacular pear and ginger loaf)

So far, so good but a café is a café. This was my opinion until two things happened. One, our tea and slices of cake were presented to us on vintage tiles (adorable). The second being that all dishes from the menu are served in a bowl, from home made quiches to beans and toast (to dunk, obviously). Call me crazy, but the simplicity of dishing up breakfast, lunch and dinner in a single curved vessel made me want to weep with joy.

Weird obsession with alternatives to the plate aside, this is a gem of a place. And, if the thought of tea served on a tile or beans in a bowl caused a similar spasm of elation, then go immediately.

The London Particular

399 New Cross Road

London SE14 6LA

020 8692 6149

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  1. eating from a bowl - so not a weird obsession and far more enjoyable than eating from a plate. Always thinks it adds a 'cosy winter warmer' feel to dinner time because you can cuddle it in your hands, up close by your chest and....ok this sounds like I fantasise about eating way too much. This place sounds delightful.