Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Pleased to Meat You

Am feeling very sorry for myself this week. No money means no meals out and an empty fridge. Were it not for my apocalypse store of puy lentils, chicken stock and a selection of spices, I would be tres miserable. With nothing but soup in sight, thank god for the memory of last week's meal at Goodman to get me through...

Despite what my current eating habits will have you believe, I am resolutely a meat girl and Goodman is the meat place. Which is why I finally got around to going, after at least a year of people telling me to. I dined in the company of my editor who also happens to be a ‘let’s get two things and share’ kind of gal. Lucky, as I had already decided what we were having long before we entered Goodman's welcoming doors.

Goodman Burger with Truffle Chips

Being a huge Meateasy fan, (when the pop up came to New Cross earlier in the year, I took it upon myself to become their most regular customer) this burger had some pretty incredible memories to erase. Taste wise it was probably on par, but, as my editor said, it was a "neater version”and I liked it less. The messy chaos of eating a Meateasy burger, greased ketchup running down my arms and chin, proved too strongly embedded in my mind.

The chips though, were ridiculous. Crunchy, salty chunks of deliciousness; indecently flecked with truffle oil. I would love to test these side by side with the ones at Heston’s Dinner. It would be the ultimate chip competition and, I suspect, a rather close call.

Bone in Rib-Eye

Medium rare, charred on the outside, this cow had been treated like royalty from the field to my gob. I can only describe the experience of eating these ruby slices as, well, a party in my mouth. I'm glad I was not sitting at the table with me because I imagine I looked like the woman in the Halls Soothers advert.

The wine was great but a bit pricey (though I do usually buy bottles based on it being labelled '3 for a Tenner'), the staff lovely, the restaurant buzzing and most importantly, they know how to cook their meat. I have spent most of my adult life being extremely careful with my limited income. Now I’m going to spend it on eating steak at Goodman.

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