Friday, 3 August 2012

Full of Whit

Like most Londoners with a penchant for eating, Whitstable came into my consciousness via The Sportsman (michelin-starred pub in case you're still not conscious). I’m sure I’m not the only one who dreamt of a weekend in a quaint hotel, doing quaint seaside type things, topped off with a trip to this most gastro of gastro pubs.

Sadly, despite what the folk at Disney like to tell us, not all dreams come true. Particularly when you cant afford them.So here is my short and image-led guide to having a spankingly good weekend in Whitstable without the fancy bits.

One. Use The Guardian website to find a reasonably priced but beautifully decked out boutique hotel.

Two. Order as much as you can from the continental breakfast menu, even if you cant finish it.

Three. When it invariably starts pissing it down, spend an afternoon drinking cider at The Lobster Shack. Don't leave until everything takes on a psychedelic hue. 

Four. Explore Whitstable's ye olde shops, taking in all that is gaudy and good about seaside towns. Don’t miss the cheese shop.

Five. Cycle along the coast from Whitstable to Margate – stopping off to take ‘arty’ pictures of beach huts and the like.

Six. Eat fish and chips from tacky boxes because, no matter how much you wish it, they just don’t wrap them in newspaper any more.

Seven. Despite the fact fish and chips always come in a giant-sized portion, order scampi on the side.

Eight. Run round the new Turner Gallery at Margate in 10 minutes, then take another ‘arty’ picture of it.

Nine. Go to Whitstable. It’s brilliant.

We stayed at:
The Front Rooms
9 Tower Parade

I would highly recommend. 

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