Friday, 29 June 2012

Pass The Patty

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this a million times, but I bloody love London.

I just don’t know anywhere else you’d be minding your business, walking over Waterloo Bridge on a random Tuesday evening and see a million poems fall from the sky. At first I thought a million sea gulls were about to attack London, but swiftly realized they were 100000 literary whitterings. When I googled the next morning, I found out the stunt was pre-empted by newspapers and dropped via helicopter by Chilean arts collective Casagrande. But to me, cynical cyclists stopping, giddy tourists gleefully snapping with glee and actual Londoners grinning, was a random act of angels.

This was not first evangelical experience that evening. The first came via another brilliant burger-based pop up, Patty & Bun, currently feeding the Soho masses at The Endurance on Berwick Street.

We started off proceedings with a portion of chicken wings. I’ve never really paid much attention to the wing enthusiasts, always preferring to save myself for the main event, but these were difficult to ignore. Slathered in a crimson glaze, the tender meat was suck-the-bone-dry tasty.  Needless to say there was a battle for the lone leftover wing.

I got extremely excited when the burgers turned up in stamped takeaway boxes. God knows why it impressed me so much, but the boxes were the proper kind (not flimsy kebab shop styrofoam) and branded with the Patty & Bun logo. This proved not only cute, but an invaluable part of the eating process as, having ordered the Chiliburger, spice-laden chunks of chorizo and scarlet oil were drooling into its handy pocket from my first overly-enthused bite. (A fitting dip for the excellent rosemary salted chips.)

Being a slave to the burger trend has not only had an unfortunate effect on my waistband, but my ability to find new ways to describe a truly great one (there are only so many times one can write ‘sexy’ and ‘moist’ before she starts to sound like an idiot). Instead, I shall give you the facts. Patty & Bun have the technique, the quality of toppings and the slightly sweet, shiny orbs either-end holding it together down pat (mind the pun).

If my personal opinion counts for anything, their product is easily as good, if not better, than the rest (no need to point fingers here, this trends been going on so long, we all know who they are). 

Some say this burger making business is a science. Some say it comes from passion. But, for me, worshipping at the temple of these meat-mincing geniuses is religion…

Patty & Bun at The Endurance
 90 Berwick Street  

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