Friday, 30 March 2012

Pimms O' Clock

What a bloody lovely week of weather we’ve been having. Just as well… Butler’s Wharf Chophouse launched their ‘English Country Garden’ this week with a rather delightful party on their terrace overlooking Tower Bridge. 

As part of our great Queen Beth’s Jubilee and those impending Olympic Games they - along with Le Pont de la Tour, Cantina del Ponte and, my personal favourite, the Blueprint Café – will play host to special food-specific events for the Tower Bridge Summer Festival 2012. 

The place has been decked out with green lawns, picket fences and edible flowers (I was more interested in the cheese straws hanging from the foliage). 

Tuesday night’s festivities included a troop of morris dancers, some half naked girls done up in floral body paint, fantastic beef buns with a ferocious horseradish, copious amounts of pimms and a few great stalls. I spent a lot of time with Launa of Secretts Farm in Godalming, who not only fed us the first crop of this year’s asparagus, but gave me some excellent advice on my tomato seeds. 

Fingers crossed the rumours of rain are horrible lies and we are finally blessed with a long summer full of cocktails on the terrace… Hurrah. 

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