Friday, 14 October 2011

Hat's Off...

Not being the type of girl who turns down a boozy invitation, I was more than happy to attend a mexican food and cocktail making workshop at Benito's Hat on Wednesday evening.

After a quick demos from Head Chef, Felipe and owner, Ben. It was our turn to attempt perfect tortillas, stonkingly hot salsa, and to whip up our own take on BH's watermelon martini.

Like thirsty moths to an alcohol dispensing flame we raced for the cocktail station, and started adding spirits with worrying abandon. Then applied the same kitchen sink method to our salsa and tortillas with mixed results (Felipe deemed our too thick tortillas inedible but our concoction of mango juice, mint and tequila got the thumbs up from Ben).

Sadly we had to leave before the sampling of the menu but after the way Ben talked about his menu of authentic, fresh burritos, tacos, soups and salads, I have mentally promised myself a taster in the very near future. Until then, anyone for a mango martini?

Benito's Hat
12 Great Castle Street

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