Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Was There Any Ponte?

From time to time, particularly when you have little or no contacts of your own, it is only fair to piggyback on the opportunities of others. Which is why, when my food writer friend Neil (or The Lambshank Redemption to many) invited me to be his plus one, I brought my camera.

Cantina del Ponte has the same happy location on Shad Thames as my previous entry, The Blueprint Cafe, meaning lovely views of Tower Bridge. We sat outside which is always agreeable and, despite the fact it rained (where are you summer?), it was nice to take advantage of the location from beneath the awning. If I had been allowed to smoke it would have been quite perfect.

Nicotine addiction aside, we enjoyed a good meal. As Neil quite rightly said, "You wouldn't go to Tokyo looking for the perfect Pork Pie." i.e one shouldn't expect perfect Italian food in London, particularly if, like me, you have recently returned from said country.

We kicked the meal off with some bread and olive oil. I love bread and I love olive oil.

Bocconcino Di Capra Con Confettura Al Peperoncino

Otherwise known as warm goats cheese which was runny and delicious, chilli jam which was sweet and spicy and homemade foaccia (I love bread). I'm letting the fact that it was served on a black plate slide and calling it old-school.

Spaghetti Allo Scoglio

I had this dish practically every night in Italy and it was, as I feared, a poor cousin. Not terrible exactly, just not great.

Crostatina Di Ciliegie Con Gelato Alla Vaniglia

Mmmm warm cherry pie. I'm not entirely sure the pastry was perfect, but the cherries were sweet, the ice cream creamy and I'd had half a bottle of house white and a glass of prosecco by this point, so it was definitely marvellous. Again enjoyed the old-school dusting of icing sugar.

Cantina del Ponte does not serve perfect Italian food *falls over in shock* but the service is good, prices keen and it does have great location. It wouldn't be my first choice in Shad Thames, or my second, but you could do a lot worse along that riverside stretch (All Bar One, I'm looking at you).

Cantina Del Ponte
36C Shad Thames

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